Meetup Networking with a Twist – Ockenden Manor Spa

Awakening Workshop

  This meetup is a no normal networking event, this one is going to be a blissful time of relaxation, networking and learning. I am hosting this special Spa day with Katie Phillips exclusively for any Stiletto Millionaires lady who may be feeling Daring & Mighty to join us for a blissful treat on Tuesday…

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Motivational Monday Quote – Realise Your Potential

realise your full potential

“Get in your own game and realise your potential” How much time and attention do you give to your business? If you are looking to start your business, increase your income or realise your full potential, then you must invest your time and energy in seeking out ways how you can make that change. Getting…

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Motivational Monday Quote – Feed Your Soul

Hearts Desire

  I have worked with a lot of women over the years and although women often  know what they do not want, a lot of women find it hard to express what they do want out of life. Putting your aspirations and desires for your life into words can sometimes be difficult.  However, if you…

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Motivational Monday Quote – Your Passion, Your Purpose, Your Life!

Passion quote light

Everyone has something that they are passionate about, whether it is writing, making films, fashion, gardening or cooking.    What is it that you love doing, that you would do 24/7 even if you were not being paid? I hear people saying that their hobby is their passion, but there is no way that they can…

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8 Ways To Meet Your Next Ideal Client – Create Your Desired Lifestyle Business


It’s the first week of February and the time is rolling on, for you to get your business rocking and rolling in preparation for the spring. Have you noticed how everyone is happy and joyful in the spring.  Women come out of hibernation in the spring and have loads of energy for their projects and…

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Skype Group Coaching Wednesday 12th February – Work Smarter Not Harder Ladies

Work smarter quote3

BUSINESS WOMENS WEDNESDAY “STILETTO NAVIGATION” CALLS For female entrepreneurs in the Stiletto Millionaires community – YES, that’s you!! This month we are looking at the tools, resources and business systems and structures that you need as a business owner to make your work in your passion business help you to “Work Smarter and Not Harder”. On…

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Motivational Monday Quote – Your Time Is Now!

time is now

As we step into the first Monday of February we start to think about all of the things that we said that we would do with this year! Already 5 weeks have passed by with the blink of an eye and if you start counting the weeks on the calendar it will be Valentines Day,…

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Starting Your Day With A Positive Expectation by Foundation of Life – Your Pocket Guru

lifestyle and wellbeing image

Starting your day with a positive expectation is the foundation for the rest of your life  Your first thoughts after waking set in motion what you are attracting to you right at that moment and what you attract at that moment sets out more intentions to God/universe to receive more of what you just experienced.…

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