Tracy J Reid Blog URL image 512 x 512I am passionate about working with women who want to create a more flexible lifestyle so that they can have more freedom in their lives to spend time with their loved ones or pursue their own dreams and goals.

As a Certified Lifestyle & Business Coach, I have coached hundreds of women over the past 15 years and have helped them to gain clarity about their business and life desires whether that be through visibility strategies or self-love practices.

Every woman I work with has a unique journey and it is my job to find out what excites and lights a fire within each and every one of them, to support them to take the plunge and dig deep inside to find out what is their next step so that they can start living their dream life and not waste time pondering on what to do next.

If you are a woman in transition with your career, suffering from burn out/overwhelm or maybe an established coach, consultant or therapist that would like to find a different way to run your business or live your life without feeling constantly exhausted, confused or unhappy in any area of your life, then I am here to let you know that there is another way.

I am a recovering workaholic and was forced to make changes due to ill health and bad lifestyle choices.  I had to completely make a shift to redesign my life so that everything fits into place around my core values and desires, rather than me trying to fit in snippets of what I want, around a busy hectic lifestyle of which I had become accustomed to living.

Making a change calls for you to decide what you want in order for you to take action one step at a time.  Sometimes, this is easier said than done if you lack the clarity to work out what you want.  My own personal journey has led me to keep taking the steps to navigate to my desires because I am so clear about what I want to experience in my life, after all this is the real thing, life is not a dress rehearsal, we only have one shot at making it as good as can be.

I am am always keen to seek out new areas of growth for me to expand my business and live my life with more grace and ease through regular self-love practices and business strategies that work together to support me as a woman, and I would love that for you too.

If you feel ready to create the business and lifestyle that you have always dreamed of, then contact me and let’s talk about your next exciting steps.